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Crafty Challenge

Ideas, Inspiration, Encouragement!

Crafty Challenge!
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Every two weeks we offer a craft challenge for you to participate in if you like.
For those crafters looking for regular inspiration in the form of craft challenges! Every two weeks we'll post a couple of challenges for you accept (should you wish). You have two weeks to create and share your results with the community!
Challenge suggestions are always welcome!

Note: Trading of any kind is prohibited in this community. No buying, selling, trading or pimping of ebay listings/etsy shops etc... allowed. No offense meant - we think it's awesome that you're making money selling your stuff (and we probably make a bit of cash ourselves) but this is not the place to promote your stuff. Sorry. The good news is there are plenty of other places you can!


For the happiness of all community members please read the posting guidelines before you post anything. We're sensitive to the fact that many of us our on multiple, active communities and want to help keep our friends list as tidy as possible. We also want this to be a harmonious, and low-maintenance community that's inspiring and welcoming. The following rules have been drafted with this in mind. Remember - this is YOUR community and if things aren't working let us know. We're always happy to tweak things to make it more enjoyable for you.

- This is a community based on trust and mutual respect. Flaming, insulting and abuse in any form will not be tollerated. We reserve the right to ban members without warning if they're being abusive or posting offensive material. Common sense rules apply here. In short; be nice.

- Respect other people's work. It's not ok to copy someone's image or idea without their express permission. Think someone has done a great bit of crafting? Awesome! Tell them. You'll make their day. Want to share it with the world or try something similar, please please ask them first.

Here's an outline of the regular posts that will be made to this community and who will make them:

1) A post of possible challenges for the community to vote on. (Mods)
2) The official bi-weekly challenge post. (Mods)
3) Your completed challenges. (You!!!)

There may be the odd announcement or whatever - but hopefully not many!

When the time comes to share your awesome work, please use the following guidelines:

- Please post a maximum of 1 photo outside of an LJ cut
- Uncut photos are to be no larger than 500 x 500 pixels (watch that width especially)
- For instructions on how to do an LJ cut click here: lj-cut instructions

Posting format
Challenges will be posted as follows:

Subject: Challenges #111 due by March 17 08

Challenge 111a - Make something entirely out of maccaroni: Remember the days of old where you were happy with a paper plate, a bottle of glue and a pile of maccaroni? Revisit those days and go nuts! Make a mosaic, a necklace or what have you.

Challenge 111b - Painting on black velvet: Go on, you know you've always wanted to paint that velvet elves or giant tiki. Bonus points if you craft a suitably hideous bamboo frame for it!

*note: you can use the challene as loosely or as rigidly as you'd like. We don't mind if your resulting craft seems to have nothing to do with the actual challenge - so long as it really was inspired by it!

When you post your finished work, please use this format:

Subject: Challenge #111b: This rocked. I'm totally moving to Vegas

Oh man - I never knew I had it in me, but I think my calling is to paint velvet Elvises (Elvi?). Many more amazing pictures behind the cut.

(Your initial image no larger than 500 x 500 here)

(Your LJ - cut would go here).

We'll eventually start adding past challenges to the memories section for easy access.

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Our mods are here to help! Drop us a line if there's anything you think we need to be aware of.
email: amphigori @ livejournal.com
email: misszombie24 @ livejournal.com
email addy: needed

Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest in the community. Looking forward to seeing what you create!