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challenge 3b: Monster Mash!

felix, brice (brice is actually a cat, not a monster, however he's in this photo) and gerald.

This is felix, he's a fluff worm monster. made out of felt, corduroy (yes the same cord from my last challenge entry, i like it, i'm making the scraps last) and some fuschia craft fur i found in my stash. he has a button for an eye and a hand embroidered face.

he's approximately 42 cms long.

gerald is a ninja blob. also made out of the same craft fur and felt. he's about 18 cm high.

you can't really see in this photo because the flash made everything glow, but gerald's face is made out of a felt panel, that i sewed on and the i cut away the fur. once again hand embroidered.

and just for fun even though he's not a monster, but he's in the photo, its brice the cat. he's made out of cotton drill and has a felt hand embroidered face. he's also got some red decorative stitching across his stomach and on his leg.

so where is everyone else? theres about 60 members in this community and no one is posting anything? i want to see everyones challenge entries :D


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Apr. 20th, 2008 07:51 pm (UTC)
they're so cute, i love gerald, the ninja blob! and i like felix's expression on his face =)

i agree with you on the posting thing. hopefully we can get the ball rolling again, and have more members post up their crafty entries for the next challenge!
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