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Crafty Challenge 2: Call for Entries!

Show us what you've got! Please post your creations any time between now and when the next craft challenge is due. Follow the posting guidelines and show off your work!

Please vote for Craft Challenge 3!

Apologies for the lack fo posting and the delay with this. I've had health, internet and digital camera issues all at once! But enough of that - behold our next poll. Reminder, next week we'll be asking to see what you completed for Craft Challenge 2, so get those entries ready!

Please vote for your favourite craft idea.

Get ahead: Knit, sew, fold or fashion a fabulous hat!
Just in case: make the cutest (and most durable) case for your cell phone, ipod, camera, whatever!
Monster mash: Build/sew/knit/paint a friendly or fierce monster.
Pillow talk: Make a pillow or pillow case out of any material.
I <3 U: Make anything out of any material, so long as it features hearts!
Okay, being a mod, I hope I'm posting this right! We did agree that everyone can make posts of their completed projects right? If not, I'm gonna have to delete it myself! Anywho, so I decided to craft my project out of a piece of recyclable material: a soda can. I've really been into making rings lately, so I decided to make a ring. Check it out:

another action shot and process pics here!Collapse )
Ok - let's see what you've done over the past few weeks! Please remember to post using the guidelines set up in the rules for the community. Can't wait to see what you've done. I'll post mine once I'm at home tonight. :D

Crafty Challenge 2: due 3 April 08

Happy Day – here’s our second craft challenge as voted by you:

Challenge 2a: Get felt up: 2-D or 3-D, it's up to you. But whatever you do, make it out of felt! Soft toys, iPod case, finger puppets... go nuts!

Challenge 2b In the bag: Tote, messenger or grocery - it's up to you. Try your hand at making a bag, purse or other similar item.

Please post your finished craft as a reply to the 'Crafty challenge 2: Call for completed crafts' post that will appear on April 3rd.

PS: Have a happy Easter!

Please vote for Craft Challenge 2!

Please pick two ideas that you like best. Remember, you can interpret the challenge as loosely or as rigidly as you like. The most popular two ideas will be selected as our next challenge. Voting ends Weds next week.

Poll #1153979 Craft Challenge 2

Pick two ideas you'd like to be used for Craft Challenge 2

Get felt up: 2-D or 3-D, it's up to you. But whatever you do, make it out of felt! Soft toys, iPod case, finger puppets... go nuts!
Pillow fight: Make something functional or fashionable out of a pillow case.
Ex marks the spot: Have unwanted pictures of your ex taking up space? Do some craft-therapy and see if you can't make something wickedly cool out of them.
Quack like a duct: Duct tape fiesta! Show us what you can make out of good old reliable duct tape!
In the bag: Tote, messenger or grocery - it's up to you. Try your hand at making a bag, purse or other similar item.
Gimme shelter: Make something (or many things) to donate to your local animal shelter. Remember to call them first and find out what they really need (cat blankets, dog sweaters, soft toys, etc ...)

Remember: Craft Challenge 1 is due next week. Hope everyone is doing great. Can't wait to see what you've made!

Community rules/posting guidelines up

Could everyone please take a peek at the rules and let me know if you're happy with them? Please note the rule about only letting the mods initiate posts. This came from a great suggestion that we show off our work as replies to a single 'call for challenge results' type posts. I thought it was a great idea that will keep things really tidy. I would really like your feedback.

The rules look long and involved but really they're not. :) We'll slide into our regular schedule next week when we post a poll for you to vote on our next week. The following week we'll post our new challenge as one post, and our call for chalenges as another. Lather, rinse, repeat. Easy!

Hope everyone's craft challenges are going swimmingly!

Crafty Challenge 1: due 20 March 08

Sorry for the delay - we're still finalising the rules and what not but I thought I'd post a challenge just so we can establish what will be our regular schedule. Chosen at random from a list of suggestions, your choices for this challenge are:

Challenge 1a: Craft something out of 100% recycled/reclaimed material
Challenge 1b: Craft something that was once hideous into something purdy!
Bonus holiday challenge 1c: Luck O'The Irish: Craft something for St Patrick's Day!

Please post your finished craft as a reply to the 'Crafty challenge 1: Call for completed crafts' post that will appear on March 20th.

Remember - you can follow these guidelines as rigidly or as loosely as you'd like, just so long as the finished product was inspired by the challenge.

Second post- you guys rock

Ok! Wow! Great responses so far. I'm really buzzy about this community. What a swell bunch of people you are.

First bit of news: call for mods is now closed. I'll get in touch with everone who has offered to help and we'll go from there. Thanks heaps to everyone who offered.

Second bit of news: As soon as the mods and I nut out the rules (based on your suggestions) we'll 'launch' the community and will post our first challenge. I want to achieve this ASAP - hopefully with our first challenge going out on this upcoming Thursday. I'm all out of projects and have no idea what to do next!

Request: I'd love your suggestions for what kind of userpic we should have for this community. I drew all my own icons but don't have any illustration software at the moment so I can't do a quick and dirty graphic for this site. I could hand-draw one but ... hey ... heh ... that could almost be our first challenge couldn't it? Create anything that would make a great icon for the community.

What do you think? Am I nuts? I kinda love the idea of a community with icons created by the community, rather than grabbed off the net. All I'd ask is that you put the word 'crafty challenge' on the icon. You'd get credit on the icon page with a link to your LJ. :)

Just a thought ...

Intro post

This community will launch within the next week or so. Before we get going I'd like to ask would-be participants the following:

- I could use some help modding the community. If you're keen let me know.
- How often should we post a challenge. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?
- Should we vote on challenge subjects each week, or do you just want the mods to select and then you participate if you like the topic.

Any other 'wish list' suggestions would be great, I.E; photo size & lj cut guidelines/useage, etc ...

Look forward to getting this off the ground and seeing what you guys come up with!


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